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A proof of quality with the history of 800 years

Uji has long been known as a tea producing region. There is a faithfully supported history in this place.

Tea cultivation began in Uji from the latter half of the Kamakura period.
As s suitable place for tea cultivation from that time
Even in the early Muromachi period, it became a top brand tea emperors and generals loved to drink tea in Uji.

Tea farmers diligently keep on working, and in the middle of the Edo period, they invented the Uji manufacturing method,
which is the origin of the present Sencha production technique, created a Sencha fever in Edo.

A proof of quality with the history of 800 years

After that, Gyokuro was born in the latter half of the Edo period.
There are various theories about the origin of the name, the unique umai taste of Gyokuro like a gem of dew is one of them,
and the aroma and flavor have impressed many Japanese people.

Tamausagi is born in Uji, where could be said the hometown of Japanese green tea,
to enjoy the deliciousness of Gyokuro easily.

For that purpose, from this place of Uji
The history of Uji tea over the eight centuries, propose new bottled drink.

About development

About development - img

Japanese cuisine in Kyoto
A drink to meet the prestige

It seems that fewer people can brew tea in Kyusu tea pot, and there are more ways to drink tea easily. Under these circumstances, as a person involved in the Uji tea organization, I felt a sense of crisis that the "original taste of tea" would be disappeared.

I heard from Japanese chefs in Kyoto, similarly to us, that there is not non-alcoholic beverage that goes well with Japanese food.

It can be served quickly when customers place an order, meets the style of Japanese cuisine in Kyoto. We decided to develop such a kind of drink and cooperate with industries for the new product.

Challenged for three years
The extreme "Uji Gyokuro" drink

When it comes to tea matches the delicate taste of Kyoto cuisine, which is extremely sophisticated, no doubt, the highest peak of Japanese tea, "Gyokuro".
However, there were many high walls to reproduce the flavor of Gyokuro as it is.

Fill it in the bottle with the umami and covering aroma of freshly brewed Gyokuro.
Our challenge has started.

Repeated trial and error for three years
There have been covered with dark clouds many times during development in terms of the technology of making it into a beverage, but carefully selected tea leaves and advanced tea formulating technology are recognized by professionals, finally the ultimate "Uji Gyokuro" drink has been completed

Since a light-shielding bottle is used to maintain the quality, the flavor is not missed away.

About Gyokuro

"Uji Gyokuro", the supreme of Uji tea producing technique.

Tea leaves cultivated under the cover are picked and steamed, then kneaded.

The mellow sweetness and umami taste, and the so-called "covering aroma" like green laver can be enjoyed.

The sweetness and umami peculiar to Gyokuro is derived from "theanine," that is said to be a relaxing ingredient.

The umami liquates out by brewing slowly at lower temperature.

It is said to have a relaxation effect.

Introduction of Product

Tamausagi uses "Uji Gyokuro", which was born from the Uji tea manufacturing method that has been handed down in the long history of Kyoto.
The supreme tea which is created from carefully selected tea leaves and advanced tea manufacturing technology, enable you to satisfy with finest covering aroma and flavorful umami.

For a toast before meals, if you enjoy non-alcoholic drinks, try "Tamausagi"
Along with the meal, to enhance the taste of delicate dishes, taste "Tamausagi"
After meal, with a refreshing aftertaste for a drink, drink "Tamausagi"

To provide a blissful time with the umami with Tamausagi.

Joint development of Kyoto Prefecture, Chamber of Kyoto Prefecture Tea Public Interest Incorporated Association and Kyoto Prefecture Tea Cooperative Association

Uji Gyokuro

Uji used to be called "Uji" by writing "Todo or Rabbit road".
According to a legend that a rabbit guided the way for the guardian deity of the land of Uji, Prince Uji no Wakiiratsuko no Mikoto, rabbit motifs are used at Ujigami Shrine and Uji Shrine. Rabbits are very closely related to Uji, therefore, the brand-new product was named “Tama Usagi(rabbit)” in combination with the Kanji character "Tama" of Gyokuro.
"Tamausagi" is a word used as a synonym for the moon from the legend that rabbits live in the moon. In addition, Gyokuro tea leaves contain less astringency and rich umami flavor due to the cultivation method that blocks sunlight before harvesting.
The "moon", which is the opposite of sunlight (sun), is suitable as a motif that expresses its unique cultivation method.

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